Bigg Boss - Day 16 - Gayathri Raghuram gathers support against Oviya

The Day 16 of Bigg Boss Tamil was telecasted on Star Vijay today and the house mates are very vigorous to evict each others from the show. We already saw Bharani getting disqualified from the show for breaching the rules of Bigg Boss. With one house mate down yesterday the nominations for eviction was announced based on the votes. Harathi, Oviya, Juliana and Vaiyapuri were announced as the nominated house mates. With the situation getting intense day by day, the Day 16 of Bigg boss had to deliver more. Lets check out the highlights of the day below.

Gayathri Raghuram forms a hate group against Oviya

Gayathri Raghuram was seen talking with the ladies in the house and was looking disappointed on how each of the housemates are trying to push the others towards eviction. She called a few people as faking there emotions. Oviya was quick to respond and asked if she was mentioning her. Later, Gayathri was seen having a conversation with Namitha, Snehan and Ganesh Venkatraman about Oviya and even called her cheap because of her intentions.

The housemates dances to the tune of Kamal Hassan songs

The contestants were given a task of Dance Marathon and to begin with they were asked to dance to the tunes of Kamal Hassan songs. Everyone on the house sported the look of Kamal Hassan in Virumandi for the task. The house mates performed to the songs wearing a black shirt and dhoti.

Harathi is disappointed with the behaviour of others in the house

The participants gathered together to share the experience on the show so far and the valuable lessons they have learnt. As everyone was expressing a positive aspect of their experience, Harathi took the opportunity to express her disappointment on others, and went an extent of calling every body as fake. However, later she explained everyone about what she really meant by calling them fake. She also was a bit emotional talking about her family.

Gayathri Raghuram and Juliana patches up

When Gayathri Raghuram was sharing her experience on the show with others, she also talked about her rift with Juliana. She said that the reason why she was so much concerned is that she considered her as a sister. Later Juliana came forward to patch things up and ended up quite well.

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