Bigg Boss Day 17 - Juliana reveals her true face on the show

The Day 17 of Bigg Boss Tamil was telecasted today in Star Vijay and the program organisers seems to be running out of ideas. The tasks given to the contestants are very mundane and not quite interesting. After the initial buzz the show made, its falling flat in the recent days. The show is kind of testing the patience of the viewers who are waiting for something interesting to happen. The creators of the show cant just rely on the issues between the housemates to sustain the TRP and should try to come up with some interesting content. Check out below the important updates of Bigg Boss Day 17.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Day 17

Housemates dances to the tunes of Rajinikanth

The house mates were asked to imitate Superstar Rajinikanth for the day as part of the Dance Marathon. They wore the Padayappa costumes for this task and danced to the tunes of famous Rajinikanth songs.

Ganesh Venkatraman predicts eviction

As part of a task, the current leader Ganesh Venkatraman was asked to predict the order of eviction on the show. He predicted Oviya to be the first to get evicted followed by Aarthi, Vayapuri, Juliana, Aarav, Gayathri, Shakthi, and Raiza. He also predicted Snehan to win the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

House mates showcase their soccer skills

The house mates were then split into two groups in the order Ganesh Venkatraman predicted and were made to hit the football into the goal. There was a big commotion as the ball Gayathri Raghuram hit stopped exactly on the line and later was awarded a goal. The team which formed the last 5 on the eviction list won the game.

Shakthi nominated for the leader position

Based on the victory in the soccer game, the team was given a power to select a contestant from their team for the leader nomination. The team selected Shakthi for one of the contestants for leader post.

Juliana bad-mouths about Harathi

Almost at the end of the day, Julian was seen criticising the intentions of Arthi in a sarcastic manner. She was talking about the change of behaviour from Arthi after being nominated for eviction. She also, challenged that she would stay on the show till Arthi is evicted. Snehan, Gayathri Raghuram and Shakthi who were listening to her commented that she is starting to reveal her true face.

The Bigg Boss Day 17 thus concluded for the day. Follow our blog for more exciting updates on Bigg Boss.