Kalathur Kannamma 58th year celebration - Actress Sripriya, Sathish join Kamal Hassan on Bigg Boss Tamil

In a interesting turn of events, yesteryear actress Sripriya and comedian Sathish joined Kamal Hassan on Bigg Boss Tamil. Sripriya and Sathish handed over bouquet to Kamal Hassan as an honor for his first movie 'Kalathur Kannamma' completing 58 years. Kamal Hassan acted in Kalathur Kannamma back in 1960 and he was 4 years back them. Sathish commented that he is still trying to better the performance of Kamal Hassan as a 4 year old in Kalathur Kannamma.

Later Sripriya and Sathish involved with Kamal Hassan on intense discussion about the events on the Bigg Boss house. They both expressed their disappointment about the groupism inside the house. They also criticized the attitude of certain housemates quite explicitly. Sripriya questioned Bigg Boss as to why the kissing incident of Aarav and Oviya was not telecasted. Sathish mocked Snehan about his concern towards Namitha by enacting him. They also raised the question of safeguarding Gayathri Raghuram from elimination this week.

Kamal Hassan was neutral and reserved his comments on most of the issue raised by Sripriya and Sathish. However he expressed his support to their concerns indirectly, especially in the issue of retaining Gayathri Raghuram this week. It must be said that the guests on the show reflected the opinions of the audience and raised many questions that were on the mind of the viewers.

Later on the show, the host Kamal Hassan annoounced Ganesh Venkatraman and Bindu Madhavi safe for this week. With that, the eviction will now be between Aarav, Shakthi and Snehan. Shakthi might probably be evicted tomorrow judging by audience response over the last few week. Lets wait till tomorrow.