VIP 2 Review - Dhanush's Velaiilla Pattadhari sequel doesn't live up to the expectation of fans

The initial review for Dhanush's latest movie Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 is not quite encouraging. Having set a huge benchmark with the first part of VIP, the sequel VIP 2 fails to beat it. The film couldn't recreate the magic of the predecessor. Fans are quite disappointed with the predictable story line and unimpressive screenplay. Although the first half of the movie has its share of mass, comedy and entertainment, the second half doesn't offer much and makes it boring. The movie directed by Soundharya Rajinikanth has Kajol, Amala Paul, Samuthirakani, Vivek and Bigg Boss Raiza playing important roles.

VIP 2 Review

Anirudh absence proves costly:

One of the main reason for the monumental success of the VIP was the music and songs composed by Anirudh Ravichandar. The songs were super hit and the background music perfectly complemented Dhanush's screen presence. But in VIP 2, although Sean Roldan has did a decent job, we could still feel the absence of Anirudh as he was a vital part of the franchise.

Unimpressive characterization of Kajol:

Kajol making a comeback to Tamil movies was one of the major highlight of the film. The fans were expecting a tough onscreen conflict between Kajol and Dhanush on the lines of 'Mannan'. But it must be said that the duo couldn't make much of an impact. There were few mass moments between Dhanush and Kajol on the first half, but the second half was filled with cliched turn of events.

Dhanush's performance

Dhanush has as usual made delivered a rocking performance as Raghuvaran. He has shown some maturity and added some nuances to his character. But the scenes involving him and Amala Paul in the second half are kind of boring. Dhanush along with Vivek has given a few hearty laughs in most part of the first half. Samuthirakani as Dhanush's father has done a very good job.

Inspite of a grand budget and a powerful star cast, Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 fails to impress because of its template screenplay and beaten to pulp story line. VIP 2 completely deviates from the first half and that is the main reason why the film is getting a poor response from the audience.